MILK SIDEKICK™ Milk Fortifier delivers key nutrition to calves where pasteurized milk falls short.

It is formulated to optimize fat and protein concentrations, provide vitamins and minerals that are lacking in pasteurized milk, and provide coccidiosis and fly control. Milk Sidekick™ provides these benefits all in one convenient, low inclusion package.

Using the MILK SIDEKICK™ Calculator, you can better understand the amount of MILK SIDEKICK™ needed to up your pasteurized milk:

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MILK SIDEKICK™ supports healthy, growing calves in multiple ways:

  • Providing calves with the minerals and vitamins that are lacking in pasteurized milk supports healthy calves
  • Improving starter grain intake supports rumen development and weaning success
  • Decreasing fat content in whole milk supports starter grain intake
  • Increasing protein intake supports lean tissue gain



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